Covid-19 Information

My salon is now up and running again! Please see the safety measures listed below to help ensure all of our safety during your appointment with me.

What I have done to ensure safety:

  • I have a number of hygienic measures in place within the salon itself including: hand sanitiser, hands-free soap dispenser and disposable paper towels in the bathroom, facemasks, a plastic cover on the beauty bed as well as other measures.
  • I am allowing ample time between clients to ensure the work area is thoroughly sanitised and all equipment is sterilised between treatments.
  • I will always wear a facemask, shield and gloves according to the treatment.
  • During the salon’s closure period, I have completed and am certified in Covid-19 Prevention and Control.
  • I have NHS Track and Trace in place at the salon

What you can do to ensure safety:

  • When arriving for your appointment, please call me from outside and do not ring the doorbell to avoid you touching anything unnecessary.
  • Please try to come to your appointment wearing a facemask, but I do have limited numbers of masks in the salon as backups.
  • It is preferable for you to attend your appointment alone; however, if you must attend with someone else please limit this to a member of your household.
  • I politely ask that if you or anyone you have been in contact with are showing any signs of illness prior to your appointment please contact me to rearrange.
  • I will not be accepting bookings for those that have been on a flight until at least 10 days after their flight date.